“Most people know me for my work as an illustrator, but I simply love making pictures and photography is no exception. My equipment ranges from a tiny compact, a Superzoom such as the Canon SX1 IS as well as the Canon 7D with an assortment of lenses. I also added a little Sony NEX-5R and a Sony A6000 which I love. I also have a studio at home, but rent space up in London if required.

I also shoot corporate video. Trained and equipped as a 3D illustrator allows me to call up powerful programs, such as AfterEffects, Final Cut, Premier Pro as well as 3D animation to add stunning effects. My previous animation work included four TV commercials for Lego and a corporate clip for Virgin Atlantic.

I love taking candid pictures of people. What a beautiful, colourful and interesting species we are.

But naturally I also take portraits and very much prefer a more natural setup. Photographing people in their own environment and comfort zone makes for a more relaxed, natural photograph. Like most other animals, we feel most at ease in our natural habitat. Though studio shots can open great opportunities for creativity as you can see by some of the shots on the right.


Passion for Pictures.

Jurgen Ziewe:   Image Maker  –  Illustrator  –  Photographer